Health & Safety

Respect and integrity come first

Some of the company's non-negotiable values are respect, care and employee safety. In this sense, workplace safety initiatives are an ever-present part of LIASA's daily routine.

Through an Integrated Management Policy that includes guidelines for the area, we identify risks associated with our operations and implement legal document management procedures.

Tools such as Behavioral Audit and Duty to Refuse empower employees to refrain from performing a task if they do not feel able to or if the risk control measures are not fully implemented. 

The Safe Behavior Program and other tools in the area include training to make everyone aware of the importance of identifying risk situations and how to avoid them.

Along with these tools, we also have an annual Thematic Calendar with monthly actions that involve employees. Some examples of this are SIPAT, Green April, Yellow May, Lilac August, Pink October, Blue November, all of which are special commemorative dates. Other initiatives include workplace exercise in the sectors and vaccination campaigns.

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