At the forefront of innovation

Being the largest manufacturer of silicon metal in South America, as well as the first company to use charcoal in its production

gives LIASA more than a unique advantage: the responsibility to be a leader and drive innovation and the continuous search for processes that value and respect people, legislation and the environment.

Our story begins in 1966, when José Patrus de Sousa, a civil engineer in Mining and Metallurgy, businessman, entrepreneur, professor and researcher at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), developed a method for reducing kyanite and quartz into an aluminum and silicon alloy. Besides being a major technological innovation for the time, this exclusivity gave rise to the company's name:  Aluminum Alloys Corporation, or Ligas de Alumínio S.A. (LIASA) in Portuguese.

More recently, after upgrading our equipment and furnaces and making investments in photovoltaic solar energy, we have joined the select group of companies that choose to use clean, renewable energy on a large scale in their production processes. It is through this focus on social development that we hold more than 16 industrial patents, as well as ISO 9001 certification, achieved in 1996, and ISO 14:001:2015, obtained in 2022 and maintained in 2023. 

Proud of Our roots

Our focus on people's well-being is very much aligned with the Minas Gerais ethos. And it is in Pirapora, Minas Gerais, that we make the silicon metal that powers the world. 

Located approximately 340 km from Belo Horizonte, Pirapora is the second largest industrial hub in the Northern part of Minas Gerais State, as well as the 33rd largest exporting economy in the state and the 2nd largest GDP in Northern Minas Gerais. It is in this land, where the navigable stretch of the São Francisco River begins, that we combine family tradition with the latest business management models, recapturing an avant-garde past and recognizing those who travel with us along our journey. 

Photo: Hitech Producer
  • Our purpose

    To supply green silicon metal and derivatives that contribute to the development of sustainable living.

  • Our values

    Human beings are what motivates us to seek solutions that are increasingly integrated with progress and nature. That is why LIASA's Values include principles such as: valuing life and the environment, caring for people's well-being and development, respectful relationships, uniting a team that makes things happen, operational excellence, delivering on our promises, and growing and advancing together.

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