Silicon metal

The raw material for movement

Did you know that silicon (Si) is the second most abundant element in the earth's crust? Besides making up around 28% of our planet, silicon is the raw material used to produce glass, cement, ceramics, silicones and most semiconductor components used in the electronics and microelectronics industries. That's why we often say that where there's silicon there's movement, there's energy, there's robustness and there's technology, which makes the world go round.

LIASA Method

Silicon metal is obtained from the silica present in quartz by reduction in submerged arc electric furnaces, which can exceed a temperature of 3,000ºC. During our reduction process, which consists of transforming ore into metal using reducing gases, we use two types of bioreducers — charcoal and wood chips from planted forests — that ensure the quality and sustainability of our product. It's no wonder that the silicon metal produced by LIASA has an excellent reputation on both the domestic and foreign markets, with a high degree of purity.

Ferro silicon

Ferro silicon is an alloy of iron (Fe) and silicon (Si) widely used in the metal industry thanks to its useful properties for various applications, such as in the electricity industry, steel industry, foundry, electronics, among others. This alloy is generally produced by reducing quartz in electric furnaces.

Silica Fume

Silica Fume is a chemical material widely used in the construction industry and in various technological applications due to its unique properties. It is an amorphous form of silicon dioxide (SiO²), obtained during the production process of silicon metal at high temperatures. Active silica is often used as an additive in the manufacture of concrete, refractories and other materials.

Useful beyond imagination

Whether as part of personal items or as part of industrial production, LIASA is present in the daily lives of millions of people.

  • Aluminum alloys

    Aluminum alloys are made from silicon metal and are used to make components for the construction industry and the automotive (such as wheels), aeronautics, naval and military fields.

  • Silicones

    Thousands of silicone products contain silicon metal. Some examples are silicone-based lubricants, rubbers, pharmaceutical products, make-up, prostheses, paints and optical fibers.

  • Solar panels

    Silicon metal is the primary material used in solar cells, which form the panels used to capture solar energy, both in households and in industrial sites. In these devices, it is silicon that allows solar energy to be captured and converted into electricity.

  • Semiconductors

    In the form of very thin sheets, silicon metal is the main raw material for the chips that make up the entire electronics supply chain.

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