Choices and processes that make a difference

Have you ever heard of "green silicon"?

In 2022, as a result of its investment in efficient and modern processes, LIASA introduced the concept of manufacturing "green silicon", which, in other words, is a true seal of sustainability

Green silicon contains all the physical and chemical characteristics and quality of the metal silicon that the company already produced; however, it undergoes a new rigorous process based on ESG requirements, which ensures conscious and responsible production, as well as a lower environmental impact.

Environmentally friendly standards for green silicon production include, for example, a negative carbon footprint, which consists of lower CO² emissions than removals and stocks; the use of sustainably sourced charcoal in the process of transforming iron ore into iron metal; and the use of energy from renewable sources. These standards are also reflected in the production of by-products.

In our case, all of this is verified by the best control and quality standards, including international standards such as ISO, Ecovadis, GHG Protocol and GRI.

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