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    Our main concern is the health and safety of everyone, and our ultimate goal is the reach for the common good, especially those who relate to us.


    With this objective in mind, we are working hard to make the impacts of the pandemic as little as possible and, for this, we are following guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization, as well as by the competent authorities, in search of mitigating the pandemic impacts, in current and future impacts.


    We count on you. Working together, we will overcome the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, with sustainable solutions and with minimal negative consequences.


    We will maintain our activity with strict compliance with the preventive measures, as well as those to combat the pandemic Coronavirus COVID-19. We will follow recommendations from health authorities, in addition to all the measures below, which will continue to be improved and updated.


    01) Formation of a Contingency Management Committee;

    02) Adopting work from home;

    03) All face-to-face meetings being replaced by call and videoconference, whether between employees, suppliers, service providers and / or customers;

    04) Administrative activities that require physical presence being reduced being implemented through relays and shifts;

    05) Temporary suspension of participation in and organization of events, and of conducting national and international trips;

    06) Preference for natural ventilation, with greater air circulation;

    07) Enhanced cleaning of the entire company, especially in such areas as dressing room, bathroom, cafeteria, and the areas for personnel transfer;

    08) Hand sanitizer being made available throughout the factory and new soap dispensers installed, so as to facilitate personal hygiene;

    09) Awareness posters in the most important areas and with most frequente human contact;

    10) Adopting new rules of break time in cafeteria. Duration of break time remains unchanged, but each employee will be allotted with specific time frame;

    11) The time card is tracked only through badge scanning; biometrics confirmation is being suspended;

    12) The Daily Safety Briefing are being held outdoors with groups of small sizes, with a minimum demarcated distance of 1.5 meters between people;

    13) Deliveries of correspondence and goods are conducted only via the counter in restricted areas;

    14) Increasing the number of vehicles to transport employees, with instructions to keep distance among passengers’ seating;

    15) Before reporting to work, employees’ temperature will be measured through technological means without human contact;

    16) Implementing residential screening protocol at the employee access and loading / unloading entry points, with immediate assistance in case of an emergency;

    17) Information containing updated guidelines and news presented in visible places;

    18) Activities at LIASA Sports Center are being suspended, and the club being closed;

    19) Collaborating with Medical Clinic to establish an external office for screening, which will provide a comfortable environment for employees;

    20) Implementing on-call team for assistance and for removal in case of suspected contagion;

    21) Availability of a psychologist for online care of employees who need specific individual care;

    22) Providing the signal of the distance between people throughout the entire company;

    23) Availability of telemedicine for remote care by Unimed (Health Plan for employees);

    24) Special attention to the group considered at-risk by the Ministry of Health;

    25) Providing channels for suggestions and improvements.


    We are on the right path in fulfilling our duty by thinking about the well-being of society as a whole and by taking appropriate action.